About Us

We are a professional team of Israeli and Chinese partners with international education and experience.

We share an extensive background in marketing, engineering, management and finance, as well as medical and biological knowledge.

Iridium has developed an exceptional and unique methodology which enables you to recognize your gaps and fill them efficiently and cost-effectively.

We also offer further areas, such as regulation, cultural intelligence (CQ), accounting and auditing by our partners, highly experienced, top-tier experts in these fields.

We believe in relationship and communication. We listen and learn your needs, and help you get what you want to achieve.


Avner Gal
Avner has rich experience as a development engineer, engineering, operation, commercialization and strong entrepreneurship background, including founding of high tech companies. Avner serves as CEO and chairman of the board of such companies for over 20 years. Among other activities, Avner is a lecturer in entrepreneurship course in the Technion, in addition to variety of schools and other organizations. Avner has also a rich experience in fund raising (local and abroad) and he runs a practical workshop about Effective Message Delivery for different audiences. Graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Technological Institute for Israel, MSc. in Electrical Engineering from Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, USA and MBA in Marketing from the University of Derby, UK.

Erin Berry
Erin speaks fluent Chinese and English, original Taiwanese. Erin has a rich experience in marketing activities and marketing management, through variety of roles as global senior manager in marketing and international tradings, public relations, social media, tutoring different classes, as well as Executive Assistant to CEO for over 16 years, which gave her a wide view, multidisciplinary experience and understanding of an entire organization, its different sections and the intra-relations and cooperation. Erin has an extraordinary inter-relations skills, which enables her to create immediate connections between complete strangers, regardless nationality. Graduated in Mass Communication from Chang Jung University, Taiwan, and MSc. in Marketing from UEA, England.

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